Bedlight for Blue Eyes, "The Dawn"
Bedlight for Blue Eyes
The Dawn
2005, Trustkill
Bedlight for Blue Eyes, "The Dawn"

BEDlight For BlueEYES have surely taken a cue or two from Iron Maiden, but before you go grab The Dawn, make sure you know what you're getting into. Trustkill Records has released this album to the (mostly) unsuspecting masses. On a hardcore/metal label, BLFBE will find themselves forever chastised, despite some pretty solid songs. While the opening notes will strike a chord with metalheads, much of the rest of the record will be unappealing, sounding more like well-versed radio rock with Thin Lizzy melodies than pit-friendly music the Trustkill faithful might be expecting.

The ultimate problem for BLFBE isn't that they are a pop-rock fronted alternative band...rather, it's that the band puts way too much importance in frontman/crooner Christian Guerrero's radio-friendly singing. Belting it out like nothing else found on Trustkill's roster is cool in my books; The Dawn has some solid songwriting, catchy melodies, and incredibly tight production, but the problem is that it seems like Guerrero's vocals take up too much of the mix. If BEDlight can scale the vocals back a bit and throw in a few more Maiden-inspired riffs (like those in opener "Ephemeral Addictions" and "Dig On This"), the next record could be a huge crossover success. Until then, they're stuck in an alternative rock world with rock musicality credentials, and sadly, those two don't often coincide well with each other. Throw in the Trustkill stamp of approval, and BLFBE is one band that is undoubtedly going to take a lot of crap in the coming months, just for being a little different. The Dawn is a neat collection of songs that could see some play on rock radio, but they have a much better chance of benefitting from a little less vocal presence the next go around. Otherwise interesting song composition and guitar melodies get lost, and these decent songs will surely take a load of criticsm from metalheads expecting Trustkill to be pushing another harmony-laden hardcore band. This, sadly, is one instance where being different is going to hold a band back.

Standout Tracks

   Ephemeral Addictions
   Dig On This