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Ewigkeit, "Conspiritus"

What if Depeche Mode had discovered Satan back in the early '90s? They'd probably have released a crazy new album with crunchy guitars and minor scales added to the mix. Of course, the guy with the English accent and the drum machine would be there front and center to carry the whole thing. I mean, it's dance music after all, isn't it?

Ewigkeit have produced just such an album with "Conspiritus." Call it "synth-pop metal" or "industrial-light." It ain't my bag really, but its got its hooks here and there. "Square Sunrise" actually has a pretty dark and groovy chorus. I only wish there was a real drummer and some gruffer vocals to fill it out more appropriately. Same goes for "Far Away From Heaven" which has some interesting guitarmonies going on throughout the tune. Tempo changes might also be a good thing here and there, considering most of the songs come plodding in at around 4:30. Give the listener a jolt here and there, Ewigkeit. Reward me a little. Please? Without something to shake things up and get my adrenal glands kicking I can't help but imagine this as a soundtrack to the Ice Capades of the apocalypse. It's trying hard to be menacing... but it just comes off a little silly.

I'll give kudos to the cover art. I just wish the whole creepy Illuminati concept had been a little more palpable in the songwriting.

Standout Tracks

   Square Sunrise
   Far Away From Heaven