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Sanity in Death, "Sanity in Death"

Tucson, Arizona's Sanity in Death shows some serious potential with the band's self-titled debut. The band's thrash-inspired death metal works well throughout much of the record's eight tracks, effectively showcasing a knack for melody-inspired death metal. Most of the time it works, showing promise for a relatively new band. But, at some points, the band misses the mark.

Most of the record is filled with Bay Area thrash speed and underlying guitar melody alongside a gravel-throated death metal vocal delivery, much of which is worth a listen. The inclusion of cleanly sung vocals drags the music down, but (thankfully), Sanity In Death doesn't succumb to clean singing much at all. Tracks like "Will" and "End of Noise" show great promise, utilizing heavy thrash riffs, infused with just a touch of melody. Parts of the record are hampered by the occasional, slightly out of tune guitar harmonies, and one track shouldn't have made the cut ("Filter The Gray"), but Sanity In Death comes off as a mild success. Most importantly, though, it offers a promising glimpse at the band's future.

If Cannibal Corpse and Pantera opted to become "life partners" and adopt a young band as the union's demon-spawned bastard child, Sanity In Death would certainly be a worthy candidate. There's some good stuff on Sanity In Death, and with a little more experience, a thicker production sound, and slightly tighter songs, the band could be worth keeping an eye on.

Standout Tracks

   End of Noise