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Strapping Young Lad, "Strapping Young Lad"
Strapping Young Lad
Strapping Young Lad
Strapping Young Lad, "Strapping Young Lad"

It's been almost 6 years and the Strapping Young Lad from the City has become the Strapping Middle Aged Man with a receding hairline. The return of the band seemed impossible when Devin decided that he wanted to try other things. Well its time that he has decided to give this monstrosity another shot and bring his ever-growing experience to SYL.

However, it's not a Devin monopoly this time around. The new self-titled SYL does not share the same headspace as City did. Where City was raw with overflowing emotions, the new album is just simply a blast. The Zimmer's Hole part of the band becomes more and more evident with every riff. With chaos as its main theme the new album is just an angry outburst of metal energy. At times it does sound rushed but it does come together very nicely. Keeping the chaos and song format of City the band follows Devin into more melodic moments. An album intro called Dire quite like Velvet Kevorkian except Dire sounds like something out of Devin's Infinity and Physicist projects. It definitely is a melting pot of the band's different inspirations. What follows is a rapid-fire assault that blurs and slows down to accommodate Devin's massive screams. From the politics of war to gutter humor, irony is what this band is all about. The album ends in the most shocking way; Bring on the young is the Broadway equivalent of Devin's melodramatic call to arms.

The expectation of another city may disappoint some people but the experience of something different than City excites. It is still not quite as involving as City was for me but few things are. In the face of doubt SYL doesn't fail to impress.

SYL will devour the living and want you for your body. QUIET NOW...QUIET NOW...QUIET HUMAN!!!

Standout Tracks

   Dirt pride