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Dead Until Dawn, "Dead Until Dawn"
Dead Until Dawn
Dead Until Dawn
Independent Release
2005, Independent Release
Dead Until Dawn, "Dead Until Dawn"

These guys love playing mid-paced chugga-chugga metal. A lot. It's a shame, because at certain points on this E.P., Dead Until Dawn prove that they're capable of more. For instance, mid-way through the second track, "Black Rose," there's a nice flurry of flutter-picked guitar and careening drum fills. The third track actually mixes in some grind, albeit in fun-sized little ten-second bursts. And "Perfect Disease" finds a nice groove at the end that instantly reminded me of something Dime and Vinnie would've locked into back in the day.

I noticed that Dead Until Dawn are a power trio, with the bassist taking on the double-duty of vocals. This might be what holds them back. His vocals aren't bad by any means, but I have a theory that he may not be fully comfortable coordinating them into the more interesting (and complicated) riffs. As a result, the songs become predictable. It's a tough job, I understand. So why not bring in a fourth member and let all hell break loose? There's no need to hold back with a name like Dead Until Dawn.

Standout Tracks

   Falling Down
   Perfect Disease