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Destroyer 666, "Cold Steel for an Iron Age"
Destroyer 666
Cold Steel for an Iron Age
Destroyer 666, "Cold Steel for an Iron Age"

My Commonwealth brethren Destroyer 666 had set the bar pretty high for themselves after last year's "Phoenix Rising", and didn't disappoint with their latest. While fans of the "Violence is the Prince of this World" days might miss the grainy war metal edge which these Aussies helped promulgate, those who appreciate their recent melodic/black thrash leanings will devour "Cold Steel..".KK Warslut's distinct style is pervasive in both the guitar work and vocals, with tracks like "Witchhunter" and "Savage Pitch" providing at least two $20 songs. "Black City- Black Fire" is nothing less than a new anthem, and will lift your spirits in mere seconds with its furious pageantry. Session lead guitars are provided by Shrapnel, who lays out some ripping solos to accompany the killer riffs, and bassist S.Berserker shows what he can do on his song "Clenched Fist" and the powerful "Sons of Perdition." As always, the trademark Destroyer 666 lyrics are here, ready to hit the narrow-minded like a slap in the face with their arrant truth, though things have become more esoteric since the days of "Unchain the Wolves." Warslut has the uncanny gift of being able to distill the works of great thinkers like Plato and Nietzsche down into a few paragraphs, and wins half the battle with his inspiring lyrics alone. A new drummer and temporary lodgings in Holland have allowed the band to spread their effluent yearning to the masses via live shows, and will doubtlessly allow them to remain on the rise. Look for their material and give it an honest listen. You will be hard pressed to have anything negative to say, especially with this, possibly their finest work to date.