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Bloodaxe, "Bloodthrone"
White Legends
2000, White Legends
Bloodaxe, "Bloodthrone"

Hailing from possibly the most un-black metal place around, Thunder Bay, Canada, Bloodaxe is a 2-piece project in the vein of old Emperor, Marduk, Kult Ov Azazel etc. Walls of sinister riffs and snarling vocals swirl about a blasting snare drum and varied percussion to carry the tales of violence, hatred, war and death. Aside from the drums, Norwegian-Canadian and founder of Bloodaxe Nordavinden is responsible for all the instruments and vocals, which often remind me of Belphegor in both delivery and tone. Brief instrumentals like "Treskjaereren" are the only mercy given to you by the band, who then jump right back into the slaughter with the furore of "Drowning in Mimir's Well", one of many songs steeped in the rich Scandinavian cultural heritage of Nordavinden. As the band was only together for 7 months prior to this recording, expect even more destruction and fierce pride from Bloodaxe on the next album, which is not too far off according to their interesting website, A great independent black metal outfit without the silliness of many of their counterparts.