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Cryptopsy, "Ungentle Exhumation"

This is a re-issue of Cryptopsy's 1993 pre-"Blasphemy Made Flesh" demo, when only 1 current member was in the band. 4 songs in total, all of which appear on their aforementioned full-length later on. The line-up here does feature old vokillist Lord Worm and ex-axeman Steve Thibault, with Dave Galea on guitar and Kevin Weagle on bass. "Gravaged" starts things off and seems basically the same as the album version, though Flo's drumming is less percussive and his blastbeats are slightly more human than they are now. He also has a lot less back-up vocals here, and Lord Worm seems more coherent in his lead vocalizing, with some memorable surprise blurbs not jumping out at you as they did on the "Blasphemy?" album. "Abigor" features a faint and exotic solo track which seems to calm it slightly; the guitar solos on this demo remind me a lot of Diabolic, as they swoon and swell through the bars. Weagle's bass playing is close to the current and mighty Cryptopsy bassist Eric, yet lacks the pops and slaps which now characterize the band. I suppose this is a good time to hear some new material from Cryptopsy, as they are due fairly soon for a new one, and will once again introduce a new singer. It's also nice to hear how one of the most influential bands in extreme death metal sounded in its inception, and to then marvel at their progression by playing their newer albums.