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Hevein, "Sound Over Matter"

The combination of metal and symphonic elements is really nothing new. We've all heard the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the combination of these elements. Everything from the breathtaking beauty of Therion, to Metallica's questionable S&M, to synth-laden black metal. Rest assured, Finland's Hevein mix the elements with the utmost of taste and delicacy.

Hevein remind me a lot of Darkane on their debut record, Sound Over Matter. The vocals and song structures in particular have a lot in common with Darkane's Layers of Lies. They use use growls during the verses and opt for gruff singing during the catchy choruses. That's pretty much where the similarities end as Darkane is far more technical and rarely misses with their catchy, anthemic choruses. Hevein is more of a hit and miss affair as far as the clean choruses go, but they hit more than they miss.

The stringed elements in Hevein's sound are real string played by a full-time band member, not a guest instrumentalist or a keyboard. That being said, the strings have a really nice organic tone and the pieces are really well written and play an important role in Hevein's music, not merely background fodder.Max Lilja handles the string duties, and if they remind you a bit of Apocalyptica it is for good reason; Max also handles the cello for Apocalyptica.

Aside from a few questionable moment, Sound Over Matter is a very competent melodic thrash album. The metal elements aren't anything you haven't heard before, but with the strings mixed in it takes on a whole different feel. If you are into catchy thrash, definitely check this out.

Standout Tracks

   Break Out the Hammers
   Bleed the Day
   New Hope
   Last Drop of Innocence