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Machinemade God, "The Infinity Complex"
Machinemade God
The Infinity Complex
Machinemade God, "The Infinity Complex"

Much like the early years of fellow German metalcore meisters Caliban's catalog, Machinemade God sees the band offering up a few intriguing aspects to the well-trodden genre and steering clear of catchy, clean choruses (something Caliban has consequently ended up embracing as of late), ultimately leading to a satisfying, if familiar listen.

Produced by the well-versed Jacob Bredahl of Hatesphere, The Infinity Complex, is a solid debut for Machinemade God, although the record will probably, unfortunately, get lost amongst the sea of other metalcore releases Metal Blade and other labels have been releasing lately. With plenty of guitar squeals and an emphasis on Killswitch Engage-style melodic rhythms instead of the band's clean, anthmetic choruses, running hand-in-hand with solid guitar harmonies, The Infinity Complex is ultimately a solid all-around, high-speed metal effort.

Bringing a few technical nuances to the table (most notably the very cool slow down/speed up rhythms in "Downpour of Emptiness" as well as the industrial-tinged, guitar-driven instrumental "Butterfly Coma") should be enough new things to appeal to metalcore fans, although the anti-metalcore crowd probably won't give The Infinity Complex the attention it should receive. In a day where this brand of metal is frowned upon by the metal elite, Machinemade God, with the band's first album, at least have a solid footing on the genre from which to build on future releases. If "Downpour of Emptiness," easily the album's highlight, doesn't do it for you, then you'll probably pass on this one. Still, Machinemade God is at its best when the bass drums blast and the guitar rhythms slice through the mix in a mash of melody.

Standout Tracks

   Downpour of Emptiness
   Losses To Lessons
   Butterfly Coma