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Saviours, "Crucifire"

Metal's origin may lie in the 70's with the sounds of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, but it was the batch of early 80's NWOBHM bands that propelled this genre into becoming the stalwart force it is today. Judas Priest. Iron Maiden. Motorhead. Venom. These were the pioneers of a galvanizing sound that's likely the very reason you're even visiting this site today.

Saviours bring the gnarly roots of thrash metal crawling back to the surface twenty years later. They take what made the 80's great crunch, downpicking, harmonized runs and ram it through the face of today's "who's fastest? who's more chaotic? who's most evil?" bands. They understand the power of simplicity. And sheer power is what "Crucifire" delivers. By the Mack truckload.

"Holy Slaughter" is one of the best album openers I've heard in a long time. The verse crushes with a massive riff that demands your submission to the accented downbeat. The chorus opens up to rolling drums and a mysterious, spirit-conjuring riff. And the vocals are soooo spot on. Think early Corrosion Of Conformity. Those tortured, disaffected, commanding shouts and screams. It's the kind of thing that induces random acts of vandalism.

The title track features a churning riff and meat and potatoes drums on the verse. Then, it breaks into sinister harmonies, drum fills and wah solos that seem to be on the verge of deafening feedback. Finally, it wraps up with a mosh-ready groove that's so heavy the band could only hold it for thirty seconds. Imagine death by steamroller and you're close.

We're two tracks in and it's already a classic. Had this album come out in the 80's, I have no doubt it would be in everybody's collection. Why should a twenty-year gap in its release date keep that from still being the case today? This stuff is still entirely relevant. In fact, it's needed. A breath of fresh retro-thrash metal air for a been-there, done-that scene. Be there and do it again, fuckers. This shit rules.

Standout Tracks

   Holy Slaughter