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Xasthur, "Split w/ Leviathan"
Split w/ Leviathan

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Xasthur, "Split w/ Leviathan"

Slit your wrists and sink into catatonia… I have penned these words before and never have they ringed so true. In the latter years of Xasthur’s existence, much flak has been given to the onslaught of “bedroom” black metal and children not old enough to drive crafting opuses of hate and vitriol to thy own humanity. And 98% of it has been called bullshit by the black metal elite. Malefic has also caught hell for his involvement and prolific craft of extremely depressive Burzum worship. Well, I say let the music speak for itself, and just because he is not recording in the caves of Romania or gargling his own blood whilst vokilling, let the naysayers shut the fuck up. Xasthur rips the ass out of the fucking savior of music itself, crafting downtrodden, extremely engaging stupor-inducing epics of pure malice, fear and haunt. The songs presented on the split with cohort Leviathan are no different, if not the most coherent und depraved stabs to the soul of existence. “The Eerie Bliss and Torture (of Solitude)” says it no better; absolute ironic gratification through masochism. And how anyone can listen to “Conjuration of Terror” and not feel life drain nor know the feeling of fear, may they experience a quick death, because Xasthur is the rusty blade that shall caress your neck, gently dipped in the sweet stench of the devil’s honey. Turn off the lights, let the cold night envelope you and may you soon expire to this soundtrack of lifelessness.