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Sadus, "Out for Blood"

California’s long-time, thrashing speed-freak trio, Sadus, have returned with their fifth album Out for Blood. Much like their last disc, Elements of Anger, these guys have treated us to clear, fast thrash full of great rhythms and catchy guitar work. They’ve also kept their spastic side (like the craziness on Swallowed in Black and Chemical Exposure…the REALLY fast stuff) in check, and allowed Steve DiGiorgio’s fretless bass do at least as much talking as Darren Travis’ unique and fitting vocal sneers. This works to Sadus’ advantage as it gives a number of the songs atmosphere and space that most thrashers these days simply don’t even bother with.

Where Out for Blood departs in style from Elements of Anger, however, is in the amount of atmosphere and spaciness the band creates. This disc sounds angrier, heavier and more focused than their last effort, as they have made some really bruising tunes with “Smackdown,” “Crazy” and “Sick.” Moreover, on tracks like “In the Name of…” and “Cursed” where they stretch out the arrangements, you get the best of both worlds, as Sadus pile on the atmosphere as well as the heaviness. Hell, even the slow grinding moshers, “Down” and “Freedom” do nothing but help argue the case that Out for Blood is one damn fine thrash album. Sadus maybe haven’t released very many albums over the last 18 years, but they’re continuing their longstanding trend of only releasing truly good material.

Standout Tracks

   In the Name of...
   Out for Blood

Peter Johnston