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Gorephagia, "Split w/ Beautician"

Grinder, looking for meat....Ok, wrong song, but it's definitely in the right vein for this split between Ecuador's Gorephagia and the UK's Beautician. Released on Columbia's Brutalized Records, this son of a bitch is about as brutal as they come: 23 tracks CD-R style with home printer artwork, but hell it fits the brucial songs within, so why not? What the heck else would you expect from a record label with a tagline as brutal as "Chainsawing your ears"?

First up: Gorephagia's brand of metal, six tracks and nearly 17 minutes of sickening guttural, brutal death metal, with plenty of grind influence. Without so much as a decipherable word thrown in and plenty of blast beats and drum-driven tempos with the buzz saw guitars taking a back seat, Gorephagia is pretty down and dirty grind.

Next up: 17 blistering tracks from Beautician, each pummelingly heavy and over and done with just as soon as they begin. Including an Agnostic Front cover, Beautician rips through an assload of deathgrind tracks in just over 16 minutes, borrowing plenty from Mortician and throwing in some Napalm Death influence for good measure. Is that burping or are those the vocals? Needless to say, this drum machine madness is right up your alley if you dig Agoraphobic Nosebleed or Mortician. Nothing new, but what the hell, it only takes a few minutes to blast through all the songs.

All in all, not a whole lot revolutionary here, and not a whole ton that's going to be impressive to the non-believers. Some cool tunes if you dig the genre, but this one won't win over the non-listeners.