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Honey for Christ, "The Darkest Pinnacle of Light"
Honey for Christ
The Darkest Pinnacle of Light
Honey for Christ, "The Darkest Pinnacle of Light"

This Northern Irish power trio plays an honest, passionate (if a bit unpolished/unfocused) brand of metal that draws from a variety of influences -- everything from death metal to bad thrash metal balladry. I have to say, I'm feeling a bit whiplashed after listening to this EP. "Satan And Swastika" comes right out of the gates with its nostrils flared and muscles flexed. Drums and guitar lock horns. Dust fills the air. Devastation. Badass intro, guys. The clean vocals are interesting, especially over such heavy stuff. And they never get obnoxious. Wait, I spoke too soon. All of a sudden it's like I'm eating soggy Raisin Bran as "The Final Transition" follows, barely avoiding sounding like some sappy Staind tune. I'm confused.

Things are back in furious form with the title track. I'm hearing equal parts Schuldiner, Ihsahn and Hetfield here. Pretty impressive riffage. Speedy double bass spurts. Good 'n heavy. And then... well, the next two songs kinda drag and go nowhere. The music sounds uninspired and the vocals -- a bit melodramatic.

The two impressive tunes are enough to redeem this EP from the other three stinkers. But why the filler? I'd like to see what might come from an attempt at an LP by Honey For Christ. With four EPs under their belt, they ought to be able to cull things down to their best material.

Standout Tracks

   Satan And Swastika
   The Darkest Pinnacle Of Light