Malignant Monster, "Foul Play"
Malignant Monster
Foul Play
Prime Cuts
2006, Prime Cuts
Malignant Monster, "Foul Play"

More and more I’m impressed with the Australian metal scene. Newcomers, Malignant Monster call the western side of this island their home, and on their debut Foul Play , these guys stand confidently next to the most proficient of their country mates.

Though this disc is comprised of only 7 tracks and struggles to make half-hour mark without the help of a Megadeth cover, it is my one and only gripe with Malignant Monster’s debut effort. The album is full of compelling thrashy, melodic death metal ranging in influence from Carnal Forge, In Thy Dreams and at times In Flames to Pantera and occasionally the more brutal fare of Cannibal Corpse. Songs like “Line of Fire” or “Consequences of Indecision” were clearly made for bringing the hurt and road rash, while “Drive the Nails” and “My Rage” take a more tactical approach in finding the target. “Old Corpus Delecti” and “Turrets of Blood” fall somewhere in between, yet both still kill with the effectiveness of the others. The closer is a cover of Megadeth’s “Liar,” and though the original is more than a little comical, these guys manage to make it sound pretty serious. In fact, the whole of Foul Play is a pretty serious affair. With gruesome lyrics, a great balance of guitar heroics and restraint, and an undisputed will to kill, Malignant Monster has been unleashed, and their first disc is a clear success.

Standout Tracks

   Old Corpus Delecti
   Driving the Nails
   Consequences of Indecision
   My Rage

Peter Johnston