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Speed Kill Hate, "Acts of Insanity"

I had the pleasure of first hearing these guys on the Metal Crusaders tour with The Absence, Graveworm, Destruction, Kataklysm and Vader, (Destruction ruled the roost by the way.) However Speed Kill Hate really caught my ears with their throwback crossover sound. For the most part these guys are an old school thrash band, but there's a few tinges of hardcore here and there that will lead to you loving them if you are into crossover. Municipal Waste is a good comparison. This is really straightforward material; fast thrash in the vein of Anthrax, with hints of Nuclear Assault and Slayer. However they throw in a lot of backing vocals that have something of a hardcore feel to them. The solos are what remind me most of Slayer. They are wonderfully fast and noisy, more interested in tearing off your face then showing off the skills. The vocals are shouted and have something of a hardcore feel to them as well. The bass and drums aren't anything out of this world but they do a wonderful job of anchoring the material. These guys are damned good live too. When I saw them they had a drummer who had been in the band for all of six hours and they sounded pretty good. Perfect no, but the drummer had been on the tour for SIX HOURS. The songs aren't the most original but the energy is great. If you want pure aggression then by all means give these guys a shot, you won't be sorry.