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Godless Rising, "Rising Hatred"

Godless Risingís Rising Hatred EP may sound somewhat familiar to you, but thatís simply because Jeff Gruslin and Paul Flynn, both formerly of Vital Remains, are on vocal and guitar/songwriting duties. The six tracks on this album are all well-written and performed efforts in brimstone and blasphemy, and the similarity to Vital Remains' Let Us Pray and Into Cold Darkness albums is unmistakable. Also, and less fortunately for Godless Rising, the bandís choice of production also mirrors those of Vital Remains, meaning that the guitar toneís a bit thin and the mix is on the tinny side. Additionally, despite the fact that the music on Rising Hatred is well done, itís really, truly nothing new in the death metal scene. I suppose that if you simply canít get enough of the two aforementioned Vital Remains albums, or if you really, really love this genre of death metal, youíll be unable to deny Godless Risingís effort on this EP.

Standout Tracks

   Into Obscurity
   Divine Blasphemy

Peter Johnston