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Reviews : Albums : Various Artists, "Metal Ostentation, Volume 7"

Various Artists, "Metal Ostentation, Volume 7"
Various Artists
Metal Ostentation, Volume 7
Various Artists, "Metal Ostentation, Volume 7"

Well here goes nothing, yet another sampler. Letís see what we find shall we.

Dawn Creation - Imagine Anders Friden screaming for Soilwork. They also throw in some lower growls but this is pretty thrashy like older Soilwork. I would say the keyboards are what push them closer to being like Soilwork. Pretty good stuff though.

Mortyfear - This is pretty decent Finnish melodic death. Nothing you haven't heard before, although the blasting makes this a bit more aggressive than most of the new stuff you hear nowadays. I give them horns up.

Bloodshot Eyes - This is decent old school death metal that reminds me a lot of Massacre. Too bad this song is only 66 seconds long. There isn't any blasting so it's not grind but this is pretty fast. Decent stuff though.

Drown Me Blue - Solid melodic death from Finland soaking in bad keyboards. The song is fairly good, though a bit midpaced for me but what is with that country and the bad keyboards?

It Will Come - I already reviewed this demo.

Outburst - Standard melodic death from Japan. This is rather fast and aggressive, though not particularly nuanced. I prefer thrashy though so I rather dig it. They need to lay off the clean vocals however.

Asphalt - This is solid metalcore, although it's a bit too midpaced for me. The breakdown is in the appropriate spot. I just never got into this sort of thing.

Imperiled Eyes - This is some decent death with a great black metal rasp. It's a bit faster and more melodic than regular death, though At the Gates they are not. They do throw in a pretty good solo however.

Hexenhammer - This is way too nu-metal/metalcore for my ears. I need more speed, less jumpdafuckup.

Eternal Dementia - This is pretty angry black metal from Norway. They do throw in some keyboards to add something of a symphonic touch. The clean vocals are also a nice touch. I would say they lean more towards earlier Dimmu Borgir than they do towards Darkthrone but this is some pretty solid stuff.

Fiend - Fiend are slow guttural death from the USA. I've never been able to get into the whole slow and guttural thing so I'm the wrong person to ask how well they do it. It sounded pretty typical of the genre to me though. Not my thing.

Manias - Manias are faster guttural death metal who combine the bass sound and gurgled vocals to remind me a lot of older Cannibal Corpse, who I've never been a fan of. They do what they do solidly enough. Again it's just not my shot glass of Jager.

Nuestros Derechos - These guys are Dutch punk-metal. It's not bad either, since it's way more on the punk side, though there is a touch of melody to it. I don't know what the song is about since it's all in Dutch, though I did make out the line, "Bush has to go." I don't think they dig the current administration. Good for them. This is OK, not great. The Clash they are not.

Juggernott - This is solid midpaced heavy rock. A slower Brand New Sin might be the best way to describe them, although I like Juggernott more. I think it's the vocals, even though Juggernott's vocalist is higher in pitch. Amazing no, but it'll do.

Chapel Desecrator - They have one of the more metal names I've ever seen, but the metal stops there. They actually sound a lot more punk to me, of the faster variety, though they aren't crust. They also have some great lead guitar parts. I've heard this sort of thing before, but I really dig these guys.

Aventyr - This is flat out Rock N Roll here. Imagine Joey Belladonna singing for Motorhead, you get Aventyr. Needless to say, it's good love. Throw in just a little Kiss for spice. While not the most technical stuff on the planet there is a damned good solo on this song, straight from the Fast Eddie Clarke school. I need to get me some more of this.

Endrive - There is a pretty solid rhythm to this but the guitars and vocals come in and do very little. This is also 66 seconds long so there isn't much time to establish what they want to do here. Needless to say I haven't figured out what they're going for either.

Instinct Failed - This is a two-minute deathcore song. Not awful but it comes across rather pedestrian to me. I like the vocals but this isn't doing a lot for me.

Confligo - This is fairly mediocre goth metal who's opening appears to be the keyboard riff that opens Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. They do the male/female vocal thing, and do it quite well. The music picks up into something nice and thrashy, though the production buries it under the vocals and keyboards. A better mix would help these guys a lot, but this is decent.

Onethirtyeight - They are Onethrityeight, they are Onethirtyeight, they are, ONETHIRTYEIGHT! OK, now that I got the Misfits joke out of my system let's talk about this song. There isn't much to discuss since this a three and a half minute instrumental. It's a very mellow one on top of that, which seems to just play the same four notes over and over again. I suppose they are going for some kind of dark atmosphere, but I just got bored listening to it. Putting a track like this on a compilation never made sense to me.

Morte Interna - This might be the crappiest sounding black metal ever. I won't even go into the music because this is indecipherable noise.

The Knuts - Imagine if Nuclear Assault had been a bit more hardcore and bit less thrash and from Germany. If you can pull this off you the The Knuts. There are so many effects on the vocals that they sound like utter nonsense but the music is decent. This is some decent old school crossover though. Not quite Municipal Waste, but it works. Not sure I needed to hear the end sample of someone taking a shit in German though.

The Good Dawn Creation Mortyfear It Will Come Eternal Dementia Chapel Desecrator Aventyr

The Bad Fiend Manias Drown Me Blue Onethirtyeight Morte Interna

The Ugly Eli Wallach (Anyone who doesnít get this joke needs to watch more Sergio Leone.)