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Arch Enemy, "Stigmata"

This is the second effort from Sweden's Arch Enemy and is probably the album of theirs I hold in lowest esteem. It's not that it's a bad album, but to me it lacks intensity. The guitarwork is superb of course, but what else would you expect from the brothers Amott. Liiva's vocals aren't quite as animated as they would be on Black Earth and Burning Bridges, but they are still good. The rhythm section also holds its own on this album, but again the songs just aren't terribly intense. It appears to me this was the first time they tried to get a more technical approach, which is to be commended but they were just weren't quite able to bridge it with the intensity of Black Earth on this album. Another problem that this album has is that the songs are a bit too long to hold whatever momentum they possess. That said, there's still some quality moments on this album, the high point being the song Black Earth. The guitar part before the chorus in the song just kills, but there's not enough moments on this album for me to love it.

Standout Tracks

   Beast of Man
   Black Earth
   Sinister Mephisto