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Arch Enemy, "Burning Bridges"

I have to admit that when I first heard this was the new band of Michael Amott, formerly of Carcass and Carnage, I was interested in getting my hands on it. I was not disappointed at all. This is in the vein of most Gothenburg bands, in other words death metal meets Iron Maiden worship, which isn't a bad thing. Right away this album just gets down to being heavy as it just rips into you right away with The Immortal, and from there it doesn't stop until the final note of Burning Bridges.

The songs are similar in style, as they don't waste any time getting into gear and don't really slow down once they are. The only real departure in style on this album is the final song, Burning Bridges, which is actually rather slow and somewhat depressing, although still a great song. It fits a bit more into Stigmata than Burning Bridges, though it's better than anything on that album with the exception of Black Earth. This is a definite improvement from Stigmata as the songs are shorter and more intense, but still possess enough technical flair to them to prevent boredom. This is where the musicianship of Stigmata meets the viciousness of Black Earth. and the two fuse perfectly on this album. This is comparable to Voivod's Killing Technology, where brutality and technicality are added in the perfect proportions to make an album that just kicks your ass from here to Sweden and back.

Standout Tracks

   The Immortal
   Dead Inside
   Burning Bridges