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Verse and Radiation, "Along the Celestial Ruins"
Verse and Radiation
Along the Celestial Ruins
Verse and Radiation, "Along the Celestial Ruins"

Opening with a warm, analog sound (most likely more due to limited production budget than a throwback to that almighty first Sabbath record on vinyl), Verse And Radiation ends up on top after a not-so-eagerly-awaited listen or three...Lame name, dumb artwork, whatever. Thankfully, though, the band's power trio lineup empolys a sound able to churn out enough start-stop rhythms and mathematic riffing and a vocal approach spanning all the way from Mike Patton-esque yelps to a full-blown, distorted hardcore scream that they can keep things interesting all the while.

Coming off as surprisingly Mastodon-ish (although everyone seems to be saying that nowadays), "Kill Complete" is probably the closest to the Southern rockers' sound, although heaps of The Dillinger Escape Plan spastics are noticeably present as well. Whether it's the jazzy-metalish instrumental "Don't Wombat Me, Jimmy," the complexly rollercoastering "Zombies Inherit The Earth" or spacey and commanding closer "Death Wish 8: Charles Bronson Swings A Pink Hammer," Along The Celestial Ruins is surely an art-metal outing for folks that like their Mastodon, love their Dysrhythmia, and take pride in rolling a little left of center. It's not breaking the art-metal mold of wackiness, but there is also plenty to enjoy.

Standout Tracks

   Zombies Inherit The Earth
   Kill Complete
   Death Wish 8: Charles Bronson Swings A Pink Hammer