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Dimentianon, "Promo 2006"
Promo 2006
2006, Demo
Dimentianon, "Promo 2006"

What a mess, but a pretty good mess, all things considered. The sort of mess one might get if FM radio went metal and someone hooked it up to an amplifier with the reverb set at 10 and then spun the dial, mashing each station and the static between together.

Dimentianon are a new act formed by veterans of the New York scene including ex-members of The Forgotten. They have since gone on to open for numerous big acts (Arch Enemy, Deicide, Vader, etc.) while remaining a relatively unknown band with few releases.

Their style is usually classifiable as Death Metal, but, in accordance with their stated goal, they do sample from a broad spectrum. Sometimes progressively scalar, sometimes sludge, and sometimes even closer to black metal than death, particularly ‘To Be Crowned King…’ (Draugar-like in its flat repetition), each track is fairly individual while retaining Dimentianon’s core character traits.

But, Dimentianon are not yet prepared for the big stage; their experiments sometimes detract from their songwriting, which already meanders into moshpit-friendly territory too often.

Their technical ability and occasional adventuresome moods make this promo a middling success, though, indicative of a group that will not need to write their name in Sharpie across black CD-R’s for long. Look for better production and a new full-length to spur them towards more original territory.