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Arch Enemy, "Burning Japan"
Arch Enemy
Burning Japan
Toy's Factory
2000, Toy's Factory
Arch Enemy, "Burning Japan"

This album was a live set recorded in Tokyo during the Burning Bridges tour. It does a very good job of representing Stigmata and Burning Bridges, but unfortunately it only has two songs from Black Earth on it.

The first half of the album is taken mainly from Burning Bridges, while the second half is mainly from Stigmata, with Transmigration Macabre from Black Earth thrown in for fun. The sound on this is excellent though, not like In Flames' The Tokyo Showdown. Note to In Flames, next time mix the damn record before releasing it.

Of course you get all the usual between song dialog from vocalist Johan Liiva who isn't the most dynamic frontman I've ever heard, to be honest. Also, his voice is higher pitched live, not nearly as gruff as it is on the studio albums, more similar to Kelly Shaeffer of Atheist to me than Johan Liiva.

The album starts off great but since all of the Stigmata songs are towards the end it tends to drag a bit towards the end, although with the live adrenaline the Stigmata material picks up a bit more than it does on the studio album for me. I also appreciate that they cut off the interminable ending of Bridge of Destiny and went straight into Transmigration Macabre.

Standout Tracks

   The Immortal
   Dead Inside
   Transmigration Macabre