Reviews : Albums : Fleshgore, "Killing Absorption [reissue]"

Fleshgore, "Killing Absorption [reissue]"
Killing Absorption [reissue]
Fleshgore, "Killing Absorption [reissue]"

Fleshgore’s debut album ‘Killing Absorption’, in all likelihood, is getting more reviews in 2006 than it ever did in 2004, when it was first released. This backwards process renders the original intent of its re-release rather useless, as it no doubt was intended to promote the 2005 release of ‘May God Strike Me Dead’, which garnered the group significant praise for their extensive homage given to Eastern European death metal with a side of stylized grindcore flourishes. So it was only after the success of said album that Fleshgore’s back catalogue received any attention, and it is therefore rather unfairly so that ‘Killing Absorption’ is judged against its successor. But, such is the way of things, and what is done is done. Onwards.

Though dissimilar in a few significant aspects, the re-issue of ‘Killing Absorption’ is largely what one would expect from these Ukrainian death-grinders and a logical predecessor of their later work. The main difference is that the style here leans more towards grindcore territory, and in fact uses the conventions and assumed atmosphere of the style as a crutch instead of a launching pad. The band at this point had not strongly established the more guitar-oriented (i.e. guitar as an instrument, and not just a blunt force) songwriting aspects that would perform so well for them in later years. The vocals, too, are less involved and powerful than they would soon become.

The general approach is the same, though, and those who very much enjoyed ‘Killing Absorption’s follow-up would benefit from giving this some attention. Otherwise, its purpose as a promotional tool fulfilled years ago, ‘Killing Absorption’ will be passed over nearly every time for its successor.