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Blood Vomit, "Up From The Grave"
Blood Vomit
Up From The Grave
Bloodsoaked Records
2001, Bloodsoaked Records
Blood Vomit, "Up From The Grave"

Do you enjoy murder, necrophilia, horror films, zombies, Cannibal Corpse and Mortician? I know I do! Well, all except the Cannibal Corpse and Mortician part. This is the reason I did not at all enjoy the efforts of one Keith Barnard, who does everything in this band but play drums [which are handled by a machine]. It is because of the drum machine and the random horor movie samples before every song that I am reminded of Mortician, no matter how much I try to forget they exist.

Of all the samples, the best is the crazy old man from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the beginning of "Human Butcher," but once the sample ends, the song goes downhill. On "The Shredder," there is also the use of an irritating keyboard, trying to create creepy atmosphere, but ultimately it succeeds only in irritating the shit out of me and nothing more. The vocals are of the Chris Barnes mold, meaning there is nothing resembling a word being heard here. The music is total Six Feet Under slow death metal [I'll spare you my rant about how the words, 'slow' and 'metal' should only have the word, 'doom' between them, and nothing more]. The two things keeping this from being as good as Cannibal Corpse are the following: First, the basswork is not nearly as good as that of Alex Webster, who is the only saving grace of Cannibal Corpse as far as I am concerned. Second, the drum machine really drains whatever energy is contained in the tracks themselves as it's either way too slow, or when it the tempo picks up, the sound of it gets really bad. A real drummer would help immeasurably, however even those of us not in bands know how hard a good drummer is to find.

That being said, even with those improvements they would sound just like Cannibal Corpse, and there's no reason for that. There are also several songs where the ending is just a fadeout and not an actual ending. The repetitive chugging cannot be broken out of by Mr. Barnard, so he just fades out of the song, further annoying me.

Overall if you're into the Cannibal Corpse/Mortician thing, then you might enjoy this disc greatly. Since I have always disliked this style of music, I can't get into this at all.