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Dawn of Azazel, "Sedition"

Sedition is Dawn of Azazelís second album, and with the bandís scathing material and excellent packaging/artwork, itís sure to put this New Zealand trio on the map. Though the nine songs on this disc donít quite reach half-an-hour, itís excusable here because there isnít a wasted millisecond on the album. Every moment is filled with sour riffing, chaotic blasting and dryly delivered vocals. Musically the band sounds a lot like a black metal collaboration from Immolaton and Dillinger Escape Plan that often has death metal leanings. Vocally Dawn of Azazel reminds me of Immortal or Summon, but with a clearer delivery, and a more urgent, angry tone. Moreover, the production is extremely dry and sterile, making every odd riff, sneered vocal, and blast beat clear as a bell. Though this type of production would sink bands like Dimmu Borgir, itís probably the only truly good choice for the material on Sedition. Anything else would diminish the frantic intensity and unorthodox songwriting. Though I canít say I enjoy all the tracks on this disc because some are simply too sharp and angular, there is more than enough to keep me coming back for more. Anyone into trying new things should see how metal is done in New Zeland, and Sedition is a very logical place to start.

Standout Tracks

   Swathed in Impurity
   Sin (Amongst the Kings)
   Villany Endures

Peter Johnston