Reviews : Albums : Silencer (SWE), "Death - Pierce Me"

Silencer (SWE), "Death - Pierce Me"

Sweden’s Silencer quite possibly can be credited as being a major proponent of the current dredge of deeply melancholic/suicidal black metal, as well as most notably Xasthur and Leviathan, with this, their 2001 opus of shrieking ghost vocals, draining razor-wire guitars and somber, lucid piano and despondent acoustic interludes. The beginning of the 11 minute title track reeks of a haunting journey into oblivion and dementia. Whereas aforementioned co-conspirators sulk in the murk and dejected lows of reverb-laden aural numbing, Silencer approach with an extremely crystalline production, letting the banshee shrieks pierce just a little deeper and the soothing ambience caress your rusty wounds a little softer. Hidden in every track are subtle, dissonant melodies and structures, that coupled with the insane vocals, reek of Bethlehem’s Dictius te Necare, and are so frighteningly cold, hell might just be freezing over as we speak. Not to be regaled to the suicidal black metal cut-out bin, Autopsy Kitchen’s solid re-release breathes new life into a wretched yet still writhing genre and band. One of the coldest records of the decade.

Standout Tracks

   Death - Pierce Me
   Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels