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Gezoleen, "Black Spaces Between Stars"

Is it noise as music, or the music of noise? Either way, those of you who have an interest in music that's experimental, noisy and off beat (in other words, if you're familiar with bands off the Release label like Merzbow or Tribes of Neurot) will want to give this a listen. Jeff McLeod has been in tons of underground projects, and Gezoleen is just one of his outlets for the weirdness that's in his head. "Black Spaces Between Stars" is the second release from the "fake/one man band", filled with acidic grinding and noise that pulverizes and pummels the listener.

Things happen quickly on "Black Spaces Between Stars"; after the first minute of "The Pillow Over Face Corporation", which is a bit of ambient noise, "To Paint A Man" furiously explodes for half a minute, leading into "Sndthy", with it's lips churning in a blender full of broken glass vocal and seriously fuzzed out guitars. "Interspecies Disappointment" reminds me of Sonic Youth getting crushed by six tons of rusty, sharp pieces of broken machines. "Phoning It In From the Subconscious" is full tilt noise boogie, interrupted by odd vocal bits. The title track starts off with a musical skeleton but that doesn't last long before dropping off into rhythmic noise. "Suit Dissolves Flesh" has a killer vocal rant that's like the Tasmanian Devil getting his feet burned off. Then along comes "Trnsmssnntrcptdnddcdd", which is mostly a heavily modulated vocal over hypnotic noise pulses. "Apathy is the only anchor," I think is one of the lyrics. "Code Blue" finishes the album off, a much longer piece that's quiet in parts and then nutty and loud when the "band" kicks in.

Can't say that I'll be replaying this one too much, but if I have the right audience I'd pull out it to say, "See? Indie isn't a dead scene. There are still people out there interested in doing their own thing, no matter what anyone thinks of it."

Standout Tracks

   To Paint a Man
   Interspecies Disappointment
   Code Blue