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Manes, "View"

Some may remember Manes as the black metal band that released the rather grim album Under ein Blodraud Maane in 1999 before turning somewhat odd with Vilosophe and now [view]. Understandably, bands shall progress, but to go from grim, necrotic, forest black metal to the synth driven space-pop of [view] is beyond me. Whereas I have absolutely nothing to compare this record to, as I listen to nothing that sounds like this and given that such a broad change in sound/direction/scope should warrant an entire band name overhaul, I will have to judge this solely on what I hear; and what I hear is interesting. I do not like techno, I do not like dance music, and as far as I know, Manes is neither if those, but for something so largely not associated with anything metal, [view] is a rather gloomy record, whether it be the dark electronics or droning voice capturing my mind. Plenty of horror sounding synth layers behind programmed, albeit dancy, percussion, and lots of odd grooves and tempos. Ultimately this is something I should hate, but given the pedigree of the band, and the fact that I must listen to it, it is tolerable. It is also, besides something along the lines of their black metal childhood, a great record to go along with the storm outside my window.

Standout Tracks

   The Neoflagellata Revision
   Cinder Alley