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Various Artists, "Akompilation Vol. 1"

V-A - Akompilation Vol. 1

Un-Kind - Veil - This is decent though it's far to midpaced and groovy to be my thing. It's not nearly slow enough for a good dirge but not fast enough to make my blood pump. The tough guy yelling in the chorus is also a turnoff for my ears. This is generic nu-metal to me.

Nowhere - Saint Whore - This is mediocre hardcore, although they get points from me just for being on the faster side of the ledger, though they still remind me of a faster Sick of it All. The chorus is a predictable breakdown as well. Not bad, but not up my alley.

Mainline - One by One - This song starts off nice and fast but then it settles into being a Korn knockoff. The vocals are total Jon Davis and the music is the slower, trippier stuff Korn does before the chorus of half of their songs. Not my thing at all.

Sir Psycho - Take A Stand - These guys remind me of Brand New Sin without the mean streak. The music is a bit too slow and the vocals are total BNS. This just doesn't get the blood flowing at all.

Redfeine! - Buone Mani - The guitar is so funky that it's hard not to think of Rage Against the Machine, though this isn't nearly as angry sounding. As the song is in another language I couldn't tell you where they stand lyrically. This has a pretty good groove to it, it's just not really my thing. This is pretty well done though.

Eikasia - Hello - The music is a bit too groove oriented nu-metal for me, although they do have a pretty good female singer. The opening of the song is nice and slow and somewhat creepy but this loses steam when they decide to step on the gas a bit.

Fe...dup - Last Day of my Life - This song is way too mellow and the vocals far too whiny to make this interesting. They get heavier on the chorus, although it is clunky as hell. They try to save the song with some solid female vocals, but it's far too late by this time.

Media Solution - Pejote - This song has some teeth to it, especially when the vocalist opts to scream instead of sing. They have something decent when just let it rip and forgo subtlety. This is pretty decent though. The whole playing the mellow verse and the nasty chorus is getting really old however.

Timothy - Louder than Over - This is a faster punk song. The vocals are pretty solid and they do know the three chords of doom. Not the most sophisticated stuff, but I like where it's going.

Muculords - Brutulords/Cepil - This is fast death metal, in the old Florida vein. Sadly the vocals are heavily distorted and way too high in the mix so the song gets buried underneath. With a better production and some vocals that sound like something other than the mic being swallowed this could be a lot of fun.

Entity - Unfufilled Promises - This is pretty solid mid-paced death metal. It's more technical and fast than slow and chunky but I tend to prefer that myself. They also have some very solid basswork on this song. In fact the bassist reminds me a bit of Alex Webster, although I wouldn't give him that kind of pedigree just yet. (I know I hate Cannibal Corpse, but even I have to admit Webster is amazing.)

Last Rites - Mind's Prison - This is solid melodic death metal with low and high vocals that trade off qutie a bit. However they aren't distinct enough with the melodic touches to really make me crazy or nasty enough to catch my ear. This is too solidly in the middle for me to fall in love with, but there is cause for hope here.

Nowhere - Alone - The music is pretty solid but the vocals remind me too much of later James Hetfield for me to really love this. Sadly the music also stumbles on occasion. This is solid midpaced metal, but the vocals aren't doing it for me. This could also use a bit of meanness to it.

Juglands Regia - Freddo - This is a decent sounding song that is overpowered by some of the most irritating keyboards I've heard in ages.

Sin Driven Tide - Back to Daylight - This is pretty good metal that's a bit on the fast side though not overly. The vocals range from a decent rasp to some unfortunate clean vocals. This is pretty aggressive stuff but when he tries to sing on the chorus it hurts the ears. This is the only mild problem in what is a pretty catchy song.

Germinale - Disordine - This is really fast and punky stuff. I rather dig that, even if it is in a language I don't speak. It's not Discharge but I still dig it. It reminds me a lot of Sepultura's cover of Policia for some reason.

Crunch Mob - Son of Sam - This is a really slow clunky sone about being David Berkowitz. The vocals and lyrics also sound as though they were done by a high school sophomore that gets his ass kicked on a regular basis.

Griv - Vuoto Momento - This is on the slower, funkier side. Not a half bad groove, although it's not slow and heavy enough to really be up my alley.

Action Men - If You're Happy - A pop-punk version of If You're Happy and you Know it Clap Your Hands. I fucking despise pop-punk. Needless to say I don't dig this due to my psychotic hatred of this genre that should not exist.

Panic Roots - Panic - This is a fast bass-heavy punk song that lasts a whole fifty seconds. Those are pretty hard to screw up. Panic Roots do not.