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Lupara, "Lupara"

Lupara’s self-titled full-length release is straight-to-the-point chugging death metal from the Midwest. The music is proficient, decently played and simple, but not quite maddeningly so, which means they don’t match the likes of Jungle Rot and Six Feet Under in that respect. Lyrically, these guys seem to opt for as much of the tough-guy hardcore shit as for the traditional death metal fare. The result is, like I hinted at before, not that special, but not too hard to endure. Lupara could definitely use a strong dose of faster drumming and riffing, more variety from track to track, as well as more guitar work like that found on “Deepest Wounds” to make their material more than run-of-the-mill, generic heaviness. At least, though, it’s not painful to endure, and it’s a short, 34-minute, album.

Standout Tracks

   Deepest Wounds
   Blood of the Uncut

Peter Johnston