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Eyes Averted, "Paralyzing Passion and Notion"
Eyes Averted
Paralyzing Passion and Notion
Independent Release
2006, Independent Release
Eyes Averted, "Paralyzing Passion and Notion"

Sporting a caustic, dissonant approach to hardcore, Fulton, New York's Eyes Averted comes off as a quirky, artsy take on the technical hardcore and screamo genres plaguing today, leading the band's latest effort, "Paralyzing Passion And Motion," to come off as a jazzy bitchslap to the throngs of Dillinger Escape Plan clones out there.

Opting instead for a calculated take on the 'million notes a minute' craze out there, Eyes Averted is able to combine sparsely-used clean singing alongside spastic, but organized rhythms and guitar licks in an efficiently adept mix, with the band blazing through nine tracks in just under 21 minutes ("Retracting Current Calculations" being the epic track, clocking in at a whopping 3:08). That said, Eyes Averted, in its song structure as in its musical qualities, opts for the quick and to the point approach, resulting in a refreshingly - albeit strangely organized-mathy hardcore record in a time where too many folks rely on math over method and madness over style. Touch, boys...

Standout Tracks

   Situational Sympathy
   Retracting Current Calculations