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Martyr, "Feeding the Abscess"
Feeding the Abscess
Martyr, "Feeding the Abscess"

Let me warn you right away that this band is French Canadian. In other words this is going to be an insanely technical album. If thatís a problem then I wouldn't even bother with this. I have no such problems. I had never even heard of these guys until this album and was only interested once I heard former Voivod bassist Jean-Yves Theiriault (Blacky) was involved. He only plays bass on a cover of the Voivod classic Brain Scan, but we all know invoking Voivod is a great way to get my attention. Let's discuss the original material here first though. You have to be schizophrenic to truly comprehend this album. I am not quite there, but I'm screwed up enough to enjoy this. The pace is breakneck fast for the most part. That makes the jaggedness of the music that much more impressive, because they stop for nothing. Imagine Cynic with Steve DiGiorgio on bass. Add some rather bizarre piano and violin reminiscent of Project: Failing Flesh and you have a monster that I could not name. There is nothing in the way of blasting, but the pace of the album is blistering. The vocals change from a more hardcore scream to some guttural growling, though it still resembles English so don't get too excited gore metal freaks. The music is what really needs to be heard here, although it might kill the uninitiated. In all honesty this album would work just as good without vocals as it does with them.

The ending of the album might be my favorite part, due to the Voivod cover, with some help from Blacky. First of all, I love them just for dedicating it to Denis "Piggy" D'amour. It is also just an amazing cover. It captures the oddness and aggression of Dimension Hatross, one of the most criminally underrated album ever recorded. Come to think of it, Martyr are just out there enough that I worry they will suffer the same fate. That of the genius not understood in his own time. This may not be the most accessible album, but it's well worth the time it takes to fully get it. I only hope that I do it justice with this review.