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Resection, "Zenith"

Channeling Dying Fetus' grind and Cattle Decapitation's burpy vocals, Resection (meaning removal of part of an organ - how suiting and tasty!), funnels those two bitches into an entertaining, if not a bit extensive, full length on the band's (presumably? I can't find crap about these guys) first record, resulting in a tasty conglomerate of grind, speed, groove and death metal. I don't know what the hell they're saying, can't tell what how many beats per minute they're playing before they switch tempos again and can't imagine feeling clean after listening to Zenith, but I'll be damned if this stuff isn't sick (in the good way, of course).

Only once crossing the 4-minute mark, Zenith is going to be a welcome addition to the grind enthusiast's catalog and if death metal dudes can stomach Cattle Decap to the extreme, then you might as well add Zenith to the list of stuff to check out, too. It's brutal, ugly and utterly indecipherable, but it is also original and refreshing enough (especially in the convoluted grind scene) to warrant a listen or three.

Burped vocals, blast beats on the snare and bass drum with pinch harmonics that haven't sounded this good in ages makes this something to check out. Leave it to Europe to puke this out and put the Americans to shame.