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Kerbenok, "Auf Wilden Pfaden / Im Einklang der Gewalten"
Auf Wilden Pfaden / Im Einklang der Gewalten
Independent Release
2005, Independent Release
Kerbenok, "Auf Wilden Pfaden / Im Einklang der Gewalten"

I gotta admit, the packaging on this album is bad ass. This double-disc album by Germany's Kerbenok contains their demos "Auf Wilden Pfaden" and "Im Einklang der Gewaleten" and is hand-cut from textured brown cardboard to complete the organic feel of the album. The album artwork is all beautiful tree bark and forest pictures and each disc (solid black on each side) comes in its own hand-numbered slipcase with foldout lyric booklet.

The music itself... eh. Given the visual presentation I was hoping for something a little more folky and organic, but at any rate, on "Auf wilden Pfaden", Kerbenok play some icy cold kvlt black metal somewhat in the vein of Manes and older Thunderbolt, though not quite to their level. The album left me largely unimpressed at first, but it's really grown on me, especially the title track, which pretty much puts the whole rest of the disc to shame.

"Im Einklang der Gewaleten" is actually one 40 minute track, and is overall in the same vein as "Auf wilden Pfaden" but contains plenty of rain, acoustic interludes, and melodic breaks.

If you're into kvlt black metal along the lines of Dawn or the bands mentioned above, you'll probably be into this. It's still taking some time to settle for me and it's nothing groundbreaking, but it's solid material at a time when black metal is struggling. Enthusiasts should give it a try.

Standout Tracks

   Auf wilden Pfaden