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Herratik, "Wrath-Divine"

Formerly known as Abortus, Herratikís debut, Wrath-Divine represents the bandís third release. Much like their first two albums, these Aussies just love razor-sharp, caustic, slightly-blackened thrash, and they deal it out with plenty of vitriol and conviction. For an idea of whatís in store for you here, think of God Dethroned before they became complacent, mixed with Carnal Forgeís destructive attitude. Through the ten new tracks on Wrath-Divine, there isnít a sloppy or dull moment, as the smart riffs, acid vocals and dense thrash drumming hold everything together in true fashion. In fact, this disc was good enough that after only one listen, I went out and bought their two Abortus releases, having never heard them before. If you like thrash, acquaint yourself with Herratik. Wrath-Divine is well worth whatever trouble you may have tracking it down.

Standout Tracks

   I Heretic
   Above Your Lies
   Forget Me Father

Peter Johnston