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Melechesh, "Emissaries"

Jerusalem-based black-metallers, no, fuck that, Jerusalem-based GODS of Mesopotamian metal, Melechesh are back for round four, and despite the fact that they no longer can boast of Procriptor McGovern on drums, they’re still as worthy of the title “deity” as ever before. In fact, the new skinsman, Xul, fills those big shoes as if they were a size too small. In short, the music hasn’t suffered in the least, and the drumming for as much as it still has the same spirit, may even be denser and faster than ever before.

With the roster change out of the way, there’s very little to say about Emissaries. It’s at the least the equal to Sphynx and it continues to show Melechesh’s utter dominance and innovation in the black metal scene. The band may be leaning more to thrashier riffing, but overall it’s one more fantastic installment in an already dazzling discography. For a select few bands, “more of the same” still translates to “another masterpiece,” and as it happens, Melechesh is just one of these bands. Emissaries is one of the best albums of 2006, and very, very possibly the best black metal release all year.

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