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Gorguts, "The Erosion of Sanity [reissue]"

This was Gorguts followup to their interesting though uneven debut, Considered Dead. This is a bit more in line with the later Gorguts that most of us critics drool over. They got a lot more technical and generally bizarre on this album, though not quite to the degree they would on the album that followed this too many years later, Obscura. The second song, Condemned to Obscurity sounds like a half-speed Obscura outtake to me. They still played a bit slower than they would later on, at least when they got really technical. This is a much faster record than Considered Dead, much faster than I remember it being as well. The bass is also up more in the production, which was my main problem with the sound on Considered Dead. It's not quite the full-blown thousand-mile an hour technical death tornado that sums up almost every French Canadian band at the moment, but it is a start. They also throw in a couple demo tracks, including the unreleased demo of the song Orphans of Sickness, which was titled Dissecting the Adopted at the time. The songs are the same, although the production is pretty bad on both. I was surprised by my reaction to both records, as I used to love Considered Dead and was lukewarm to The Erosion of Sanity. I find that my opinion has reversed itself in the ensuing decade and change.