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Gorguts, "Considered Dead [reissue]"

Ye Gods, I am old. I am displeased that this CD reminds me of this wretched truth. Has it been 16 years since this first rocked my world? I was supposed to see these guys with Atheist and Cannibal Corpse once, but the club didn't let in anyone under eighteen at the time so I could not go. Also it was in a bad neighborhood, Velociraptors and Tyrannosaurus Rex on every block. Most of them were on drugs to boot. Luckily the day of the drug crazed dinosaur has passed and we are threatened only by a lot of other things. Enough of my senile recollections, let the metal geezer get this review out before Alzheimer's robs me of the ability to know what in the hell I'm talking about.

I loved this album back in the day, although I don't listen to a ton anymore. It is however an interesting contrast to the last two albums Gorguts did. Before every French-Canadian became a god with a musical instrument or a hockey stick. It used to be they only did hockey. This might be the album where that really started to change, although Voivod had been working the province for quite some time. This was a decent record, even at the time. This is more mid-paced to slow as opposed to the faster stuff I prefer. The production was decent, although a little more bass wouldn't have hurt. Sadly this is not as good as I remember it being at the time as the songs aren't evolved enough to keep from sounding dated. However there is some decent material here, the high point being the instrumental, Waste of Mortality. This was always my favorite song on the album, though I do enjoy Luc Lemay's vocal work. The second half of the album is where it really gets interesting, and provides a good idea of what is to come on The Erosion of Sanity and even the two records that would follow, even if the overall sound and feel of those is radically different than their humble beginnings on Considered Dead. Metal Mind was even kind enough to throw in a pair of bonus tracks, though both are available on the Demo Anthology disc. The demos are the songs Considered Dead and Rottenatomy, just in a less polished form.