Death Before Disco, "Barricades"

Racking up a fairly impressive back catalog since the band's 2001 debut, Barricades marks Death Before Disco's fourth release, gradually working up from Eye Spy Records to Goodlife and now to Lifeforce for worldwide distribution.

Taking an airy, artsy approach to melodic rock with the slightest hint of a hardcore background and a healthy handful of screams thrown in for good measure, Death Before Disco actually racks up a pretty enjoyable record with Barricades - assuming you can ingest the melodic likes of Seemless, A Static Lullaby and Glassjaw, without needing raging vocals and huge breakdowns for an enjoyable listen.

"Jaguar" sees the band dabbling with an atypical eight-minute song just a few tracks in, while the lead track and the end of the record sees these Belgians at its most aggressive. All the while, the band manages to balance harsh vocals from the hardcore scene with floating, clean vocals and open-ended song construction that keep the band sounding accessible.

Ultimately, though, Death Before Disco combines a mish-mash of influences from the artsy to the edgy, the ambitious to the mellow and throws in tasteful leads and superb melodies thanks, in large part, to frontman Ioan Kaes' glossy cleans, into a solid melodic rock record that ought to appeal to fans of Cave-In and Thursday.

Standout Tracks

   Pyramids On Mars