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Lodown, "Black Horse"

Lodown is a Canadian band that really, really loves their 90’s style hard rock/alterna-metal. The basic sound the band goes for starts with a base of Alice in Chains worship, although they also remind me, at one time or another, of Filter, a less skilled Tool, Chevelle, and any number of other hard rock acts. For the most part the listener is bombarded with faceless power chords and borderline Nu-metal groovy nonsense, although in “Rivet” they lock into a pretty solid stoner-style groove, which is one of the album’s sole bright spots. The singing isn’t anything to write home about either as the guy has a fairly standard Puddle of Mudd style croon, although to his credit he is slightly less annoying. “Mexican Fireplace” starts with an interesting melodic guitar line, although the uninspired vocal performance and subsequent simple chorus quickly negate its merit. I’ll be blatantly honest here; the style Lodown plays sounds incredibly dated at this point and they certainly aren’t doing anything with the style to update it or improve it. Had this come out in the late 90’s it would have been mediocre at best, but nearly a decade after the fact it is a totally unnecessary addition to the music world.