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Melechesh, "Emissaries"

OK, I suck because I have come late to the audio festival that is Melechesh. Now that we have my admission of stupidity out of the way let's get to the review. Um, wow. I really don't know quite what to say about these guys, other than the fact these guys sound like what Nile talks about. Odd Arabic rhythms, great blasting black metal and some excellent guitar work that reminds me of King Diamond's solo work. Shockingly is that they don't even miss Proscriptor behind the kit as Xul is quite good. They also alternate some Enslaved-style chanting with the usual raspy vocals. This is just the first song by the way. It gets even better as it goes on, the most bizarre moment being the song Leper Jerusalem, which answers the question what would Celtic Frost have sounded like if they came from Israel? This album is rather hard to talk about since there isn't much out there that this really compares to. I'm normally not even a big fan or folk and metal meeting up, but when done correctly, like Melechesh and Primordial do it, it just blows my mind. I don't get my mind blown nearly enough, so I guess this one will be stuck in the machine for awhile. Now if you'll pardon me I need a nap because this one has taken my brain out for a good kicking.