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Voivod, "Voivod"

VOIVOD! Sorry, being a Voivod fan from way back it's hard for me not to yell that. I'm glad to see they survived the departure of Eric Forrest. It was nice to see Jason Newsted find gainful employment again. To see the return of Snake on the other hand, FUCKING A! Nothing personal Mr. Forrest as your vocals on Negatron, Phobos, Kronik and Voivod Lives were great, Snake is the one true voice of the Voivod. That's why I love the title of the first song so much. For those who may not know the Vod all to well I shall explain. In the old days Snake used to come out on stage wearing a gasmask. Now that he is returned, it is the Gasmask Revival. I like this album a lot, Snake is raspy as hell, but not so pissed off sounding as he was on War and Pain, though he can still let if fly. The bass fucking kills, this is Newsted's best stuff since And Justice For All, or as he is known here, Jasonic. Then again this is the best album he's been on since then too. Away still knows how to bash away mindlessly, but still do some interesting stuff. It is also nice to see a drummer do something other than rely on snare blasts and double bass. Piggy's guitar is all over the place, though it never leaves the song to go do its own thing. This album reminds me of a mix of the strangeness of Dimension Hatross and Nothingface, combined with the outright rock leanings of Angel Rat. They also have some nice scifi moments in here, as only Voivod can do. These mainly come in the song Les Cigares Volantis, which is French for Flying Cigars. This is slang for UFO's, not a Primus cover. This is not a fast album, but it doesn't stop going that's for damn sure. These guys just don't know how to not make a fucked up album. I like that. This is also one of those albums that you need headphones for, otherwise you're going to miss out on a lot of things. They demand your full attention, but you will surrender it willingly, or face the wrath of the Voivod.

Standout Tracks

   Gasmask Revival
   Blame Us
   The Mulitiverse
   Les Cigares Volantis