Reviews : Albums : Elenium, "Caught in a Wheel"

Elenium, "Caught in a Wheel"

Elenium prove once again one of those things that I wish to God simply was not true. However once again I am confronted by the fact that keyboards should be illegal in Finland. This is some pretty solid melodic death metal here, but every time they get a good groove going the keyboards come in and overpower the entire mix, as well as my appetite. The production is wonderful, especially the bass sound. The material is pretty good and the solos destroy. However those damned keyboards just trample all over everything. There are even some really bizarre and dissonant moments that make me think of Nothingface-era Voivod, but then the keyboards kick in and screw it all up. While the material is mostly on the fast side they also have some slower moments with a very ominous atmosphere. Honestly I could fall in love with this album if they re-released it without the keyboards. I wish I could so something other than complain about the keyboards but they do nothing but distract from what could be a pretty good album.