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Six Feet Under, "Commandment"
Six Feet Under

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Six Feet Under, "Commandment"

Another two years, another Six Feet Under album. Barnes is back with his miscreant crew, intent on delivering yet another crushing blow of groove laden death metal. With a stable line up that boasts half of Massacre (Steve Swanson on guitars and Terry Butler on bass) and Greg Gall on drums, this is the seventh studio album (I'm not counting the two albums of cover songs... ugh.)

Is anything different this time around? Yeah, right... like you expected bizarre time signatures, dissonant tuning, and electronica? Nope, it's a true blue SFU album. Ten songs, none over four minutes, all characterized by the groove heavy death metal this band has embraced since the beginning. Barnes sounds fine, staying away from the sub-guttural growls but delivering the goods in a virtual monotone. The band sounds good, too; Swanson can work a guitar part like a drunken Swedish masseuse. Songs like "As the Blade Turns" work simply because Swanson ladles up big scoops of groove. Props go to Greg Gall, too; he's got a laid back approach to the songs that I appreciate. And hell, "The Evil Eye" makes me want to beat up emo kids, so that song works. "In a Vacant Grave" is pretty cool as well.

What else can I say? If you have loved every note Barnes and Co. have played since "Haunted" came out, this album will not disappoint you in the least. There's nothing here that would make the average SFU fan squawk. There's also nothing that would make a non-SFU fan stain their shorts and run out to stock up on the back catalogue. At least there are no guest vocalists this time around. I know, I know... that was six years ago (True Carnage, 2001). But I still haven't gotten over it.

Standout Tracks

   The Evil Eye
   In a Vacant Grave