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Godflesh, "In All Languages"

Ok, this review is not as long as appears, because the first CD is a best of Godflesh, up to "Us and Them." So, I am only going to discuss the choice of songs for the first disc. When I say "discuss," of course, I mean, "rant at length."

First of all, there is only one track from the first album, and there are three from "Pure," three from "Selfless," and two from "Us And Them," which aren't nearly as good. The three from "Pure" annoy me mainly because there are only two from "Streetcleaner." Of the three songs off "Pure," none of them are "Predominance." "The Internal" should not be on here over "Spinebender"or "Veins." The exclusion of "Devastator/Mighty Trust Krusher" is just a damned shame, and "Crush My Soul" should have been dropped in favor of "The Toll," if you wish to have three off of "Selfless." I also would have dropped "Circle of Shit" in favor of "Angel Domain," though they did have the sense to include "Frail" on here. There are also many songs on the second CD that are already released and easily found, most of them remixes, with the exception of "Blind" off of "Merciless," again I would have gone with the title track instead. I also would not have incuded any remixes on here, especially since the original versions of the songs are on here in the cases of "Slavestate" and the overrated "Crush My Soul." They could have lopped off one of the two "Crush My Soul" remixes in favor of "Cold World." Just so my hatred of the remix isn't accused of being incomplete, I find the fact that a song from "Love and Hate in Dub" is included outright offensive, as there was no instance of any of the remixes on there being superior to the original.

Ok, that felt better, now on the new included stuff. finally, we get an official version of "Love is a Dog from Hell," as the original on a Pathological Records Compilation is only slightly more difficult to find that the Holy fucking Grail. If only they had inculded its companion on that compilation "My Own Light." Not only do I love the title - and intend to steal it, should my life ever prove interesting enough to warrant an autobiography - but it is just a painful song with wailing guitar and droning vocals. It predates "Slateman" for that style of Godflesh song though it is not nearly as depressing. There are two live tracks on here, both recorded around the time of "Streetcleaner," "Tiny Tears" and "Pulp." The "Tiny Tears" on here is just blistering, ripping the flesh from whoever would be present to witness this I'm sure, wish I could have been one of them. The same can be said of "Pulp," though they play around with it a bit. There seems to be a saxophone blasting in the background, believe it or not it works, kids, and there is a longer bass intro. There is also the repeated yelling of the word, "discipline," over and over again, though I'm not sure why. The song "Empyreal 2" is also rather impressive, more distinct than the original, although it is an extremely mellow song for the 'flesh. Then again these guys can make nice sound painful. Last, and usually least, are the remixes. The remixes of "Spite," "Xynobis" and "Witchhunt" are all similiar in character. Boring, but danceable, having excised the annoying song they had originally been. The remix of "Us and Them" however, is actually decent, though the original track it better in my opinion. I would have to recommend it for anyone wanting to learn more about Godflesh. For those who know, it's worth it just for "Love is a Dog From Hell." If only they could have gotten their hands on the covers of Loop's "Straight to Your Heart," Wire's "40 Versions," Black Sabbath's "Zero the Hero" and AC/DC's, "For Those About to Rock." Dumping the remixes in favor of these would have mad this the gem of a Godflesh collection.

Standout Tracks

   Love is a Dog From Hell
   Empyreal 2