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Behemoth, "Chaotica - The Essence of the Underworld"
Chaotica - The Essence of the Underworld

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Behemoth, "Chaotica - The Essence of the Underworld"

Chaotica is a collection of old tracks that most Behemoth fans will have, unless they have become familiar with the band recently. This two-CD package, which is limited, contains in its entirety the “Grom” album, the “Sventevith” album, the “Bewitching the Pomerania” EP and the “And the Forests Dream Eternally” EP. In addition to that, there is a cover of Destruction’s “Total Disaster” and Mayhem’s “Freezing Moon”, both of which are unreleased. To round out the set is “The Dark Triumph” and “Cursed Angel of Doom”, two tracks from the band’s early demos that were re-recorded around 1994.

The packaging is a nice gatefold digi-pack with telltale Behemoth artwork and a note from Nergal about what this set contains. There is also an very well laid out booklet with all the song lyrics and some excellent pictures of the band. The entire set has been re-mastered and sounds great and the four unreleased tracks make this a must for the Behemoth completist. All four releases that are contained here are available elsewhere, but if you don’t have them this is is well-compiled set, unless you are looking for the original art, as none of that is contained here. This does reinforce the powerful Behemoth legacy and once again prove that they are one of the most important bands to ever come out of the Polish death/black metal scene.

Standout Tracks

   Rising Proudly Towards The Sky
   Freezing Moon (unreleased track)
   Total Disaster (unreleased track)
   The Dark Triumph