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Godflesh, "Slavestate"

This is one of the great musical mysteries of all a time. How did this album come out after Streetcleaner? Do not think I'm dismissing this as bad, just a strange follow-up. This was almost akin to Slayer trying to follow up on Reign In Blood by adding Prodigy to the band. This album is downright danceable believe it or not. This isn't to say that it won't hurt you very badly, for it does this very well at certain points. Other times though you just want to get out on the dance floor. The rhythms are good to move to, but they still come down like the Lord's sledgehammer, reminding you this is total flesh all the way. I've had this album since it came out and I dont always know how to feel about it. The remixes I personally can do without, but I've never been a fan of the remix really, with some exceptions. The original stuff on here is excellent though, especially the songs Slavestate and Slateman, which is one of those songs I have my suicide compilation. (C'mon we all think about doing it on occasion, shit happens and it needs a soundtrack.) Overall, for all of its fuckedupness I still rather like it. Actual songs instead of remixes and yet another of the pointless Wound saga would have been a much better improvement. It is for this reason I have trouble considering this a true album, as it feels like a remix ep at times.

Standout Tracks

   Someone Somewhere Scorned