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Her Candane, "No Battle!"
Her Candane
No Battle!

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Her Candane, "No Battle!"

This is definitely a different kind of release for Tribunal. Her Candane is one of those bands that has a lot of weird timing and lots of screaming, but not necessarily mixing well together. It brings to mind the Isis remix records where things were deconstructed a bit and made for really weird parts. They do have some straight forward parts that are pretty heavily hardcore influenced, but then they have some Southern Rock influences as well. Really what you have is a whole lot of parts and not necessarily a true song. There are so many parts and so many divergent sounds that I tend to lose interest when listening. There are a lot of bands like that and people seem to like them, but I tend to not be one of them. From my experience, fans of Mr. Bungle, Fantomas and the Ipecac label may really dig whatís going on here.